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Franchise Digital Marketing

Franchise marketing is a different than any other type of digital marketing. Your brand exists in many different places across the region, country, or perhaps even globe.

For all the benefits of having this unified, recognizable brand, there are a number of challenges as well. How can your franchise stand out on its own? How can you properly measure the web leads that were a direct result of your efforts and not some other franchise? How can you make sure your marketing efforts don’t benefit another nearby franchise?

With our experience working, we know how to develop a strategy that helps you establish your business as a leader in the community, while ensuring you leverage all the advantages that come with being a part of a franchise.

Here’s the thing about franchise marketing: location is everything. other franchises targeting the same types of prospects as you, you have to make sure your efforts are focused on customers within your region.

Creating a website and a few social media profiles won’t get the job done. Sure, you might see some traffic; you might gain new followers. But all those numbers mean nothing if you’re not targeting your local market.

Combining data, research, and old-fashioned, the DSTN team will help you understand your ideal buyer persona. We’ll then craft a digital strategy around that persona.

Save time and resources by focusing on the people who matter most to your franchise. That’s how DSTN gets the job done.

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